"The year's funniest American film... A darkly witty farce... Its joke-to-laugh ratio is unusually high, particularly for fans of comedies black enough to look like film noir... "Nancy, Please" is ridiculous in a deadpan sort of way, but it also works as an incisive portrait of writerly procrastination and neurotic perseverance."
- Rob Nelson, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Anyone who has ever confronted a dissertation deadline with blank pages and a paralyzed mind will identify with "Nancy, Please," a darkly comic psychodrama about academic pressure and irrational paranoia... Maintains a tone that's precisely balanced between terror and farce... The film erupts with omens... It's a brutally unsympathetic portrait of situational anxiety that withholds comfort from Paul and viewer alike, and Mr. Semans refuses to relent."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

"One of the discoveries of the 2012 Tribeca Film Fest... [Nancy, Please] takes a crisis in grad school life as the basis for a mock thriller that, depending on your sense of the condition known as OCD, may be experienced as either funny or horrifying... As a movie, “Nancy, Please” definitely does know how to do it. Semans's mode is small scale but not quite mumblecore. The acting is disciplined... and the timing is carefully worked out with regards to Paul's slow-motion breakdown... A tense, even nerve racking (if often ridiculous) spectacle."
- J. Hoberman, Blouin ArtInfo

"A funny, outlandish, and ultimately horrifying portrait of a man who would rather lose everything than confront his inner demons."
- The L Magazine

"Even though Nancy, Please works within the genre of psychological horror drama, it borrows heavily from several mumblecore tropes and offers a refreshing take on the genre's recurrent themes of this generation's supposed lack of ambition, the refusal to assume adulthood, and the difficulty of finding enough motivation to be productive... Much like a skilled drummer who knows his place, director Andrew Semans ensures that the technical aspects in Nancy, Please are solid — and at times impressive — but never overshadow the main storyline... Eleonore Hendricks is particularly successful in creating a menacing and threatening character... The editing deserves special praise for maintaining the film's steady pace, taking a hold of viewers' attention through a narrative build-up that follows the rhythm of Paul's gradual mental breakdown... A clever indie flick and worthy of attention."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"Arresting... subtly engrossing... smart, darkly funny... Will Rogers delivers a perfectly calibrated performance as the slowly unraveling Paul; Eleonore Hendricks provides just the right touch of ambiguous menace as his adversary"
- Frank Schenck, The Hollywood Reporter

"An unsung gem... a twisted, mordant comedy... Anyone who has ever suffered a creative block of any kind or has lost months desperately searching for a missing fetish object or a missing inherently meaningless object will find both pleasure and terror in this precisely realized movie, and very likely will want to see it again and again, so perfectly does it capture the anxiety, terror, and, if you distance yourself, hilarity in this kind of self-sabotage... The script by Semans and Will Heinrich is hyper-articulate; the lensing with the RED camera is adroit, and the use of point of view in relation to both image and sound is brilliant. Nancy, Please is a much more than promising debut feature."
- Amy Taubin, Film Comment

"Nancy, Please conveys a similar turbulence lurking just under the civilized surface of everyday life. In the story, which traffics in the ghastly-funny misanthropy that is the specialty of Neil LaBute, a doctoral candidate and his angry former roommate engage in an escalating battle of wills when she refuses to return his copy of "Little Dorrit," which contains the notes for his thesis. Observing this conflict, which begins to destroy his sanity, is like watching a slow-motion car accident. As much as you may loathe the characters, you can't avert your eyes."
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"A minus... Begins as a deadpan slacker comedy with existentialist undertones, and Will Rogers' Paul is a ball of unsettled twentysomething nerves. It's a subtle shift in Semans' first feature, both in tempo and in Rogers' performance, that we don't realize the film taking on a slightly more diabolical undertone...Works almost as if a distaff version of Jaws, except Eleonore Hendricks' Nancy is almost scarier. And when she attacks, with a vicious (possibly imagined?) savage scream, it's an immediately unforgettable moment of terror."
- Indiewire Playlist

"There may not be words for how much I loved Nancy, Please... brilliantly constructed... one of the finest American feature debuts I've seen in some time... Semans and co-screenwriter Will Heinrich's mordant wit distracts from the inevitability of a resolution while his richly drawn characters are both engaging and deliberate, all more clever and calculating than they immediately let on... Nancy, Please is finely tuned across the board. Each one of the film's five characters makes an immediate impression and subsequently do not waste a second their time onscreen, particularly Rogers, who carries the film with a proper air of complacency and finds both the humor and the eventual hurt in Paul's pathetic slide into self-pity."
- The Moveable Fest

"Nancy, Please veers from a yuppie nesting comedy into a nifty psychological thriller - as well as a dead-on depiction of doctoral-student psychosis."
- The Village Voice

"Four stars... This thrilling, perverse and unnerving comedy of humiliation is a must-see... As Paul, Will Rogers exudes a wistful, why-me innocence, but there's an almost sexual charge to his hatred... It's like a case of demonic possession played for poisonous laughs."
- Vita.mn

"Engrossing... Nancy, Please holds up a grotesque and distorted fun house mirror to procrastinators, who refuse to buckle down and take responsibility."
- PopMatters

"A fascinating character study... Semans' well-done debut heads into unforeseen directions in its final act, and that's when Nancy, Please really earns its kudos."
- Complex

"Nancy, Please is an engrossing, alternately funny and horrifying dissection of academic self-involvement."
- CBS Minnesota

"Pitiless... black humor abounds... offers a welcome variation on the conquering frat boy or Ferris Bueller-type adolescent."
- Variety

"A slyly disturbing tragicomedy that explores how a life strategy built around wallowing in one's own victimhood can lead to a rapid, and quite mortifying, undoing."
- The Huffington Post

"The most compelling [Tribeca Film Festival Film] I've seen (out of 12) is Nancy, Please...Andrew Semans has made one of the most effective contemporary onscreen portrayals of male impotency"
- Film-Forward

"Impressively ambiguous... unsettling... Semans shows with chilling plausibility how easy it is for someone to crack under the pressure."
- Sundance Channel SUNfiltered

"Something special... Eleonore Hendricks makes an everlasting impression."
- Smells Like Screen Spirit

"A potent psychodrama... darkly comic... a detailed, just-scrutable-enough portrait that constantly compels and repels in equal measure."
- Sound on Sight

"An unqualified triumph... The pleasure of Nancy, Please lies not only in its rebuke of the destructive stupidity that slacker films romanticize, but also how it serves as a microcosm of global ignorance, reminding us of the impending crisis... But for all these inexhaustible themes this is ultimately a film about characters who interact with one another, and with such an exceptional ensemble along with a marvelous performance by Will Rogers."
- Le Journal de Charles Haas

"Hyper-edgy... a well-paced, tense, and entertaining change from the everyday film experience."
- Monsters and Critics